"Where mists enshroud the cold waters and moonlight veils in gauze; a night's berth by Qinhuai's taverns," so captured the Tang poet Du Mu, highlighting Qinhuai's scenic beauty and its once-flourishing riverside taverns. With Nanjing's ascendancy as the capital, the Qinhuai area thrived, and 'Wan Guo Chun' stood out as a famed eatery offering a blend of Cantonese and Western fare, a unique culinary fusion that attracted many food lovers.


Over the years, 'Wan Guo Chun' has faded into the annals of Nanjing's dining history. The YIHE brand now resurrects this storied name for its hotel Chinese restaurants, fostering a shared historical lineage from dish to designation and continuing the legacy of celebrated Sino-Western cuisine.


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